Our Code of Ethics

   In-Depth Home Inspection Services is built on a solid foundation of integrity — it’s the heart of our company. Integrity is about telling the truth and doing what is right. Integrity is how you earn trust. 

In our business, earning and keeping that trust is the only way In-Depth Home Inspection Services will succeed. Good reputations come from relationships that inspire trust.  Our company has relationships with customers, network-partners vendors and the community where we work and live. In every category, In-Depth Home Inspection Services must be regarded as trustworthy and fair.  By having a strong Code of Business Conduct and Ethics we demonstrate that doing what is right is not just a slogan — it’s the way we do business. 

Our Commitment to Ethics and Values

Our corporate values are not simply the values of a legal entity; they are values that encompass the ethics and commitment of us.

Our values are the statement of how we will do business; they are a promise and a measuring stick upon which to judge our behavior and results: 
Put people first 
— Have respect for every person. Listen. Care. Serve others before yourself. Be inclusive. 
Balance work in a full life. Lead humanely. Set the good example. And remember to say thank you. 
Do what is right
— Always. Be honest. Do what you say. Use common sense. Stand for quality and integrity. 
Take the long view. Earn trust. 
Focus on your customer
— Serving the customer in an exceptional way is our business, our only business. 
Know your customer. Serve your customer. Be committed. Understand needs. Meet needs. Make your customer’s life better by what you do. 
Reach higher
— Grow. Our company must grow, and we must grow. Raise the bar. Be energetic. Be innovative. Achieve excellence. Improve continuously. Inspire and enable others. Succeed the right way. 
Enjoy life
— Have fun. We are in the business of service. But more importantly, we are in the business of life. 
Enjoy it. Laugh. Be creative. Celebrate.